Flagpoles, Residential and Commercial

Amman, Jordan hosts the world’s largest unsupported Atlantic Flagpole. The staggering 416 foot tall carbon steel pole was built in 2003 and weighs in excess of 190,000lbs. A flagpole of this magnitude needs a substantial foundation that can hold up to 600 tonnes. To do so, it is bolted to the foundation with 36 carbon-steel bolts. The flag attached and the flag are designed to withstand winds up of ninety MPH. It took two whole years to build and was helped by a lot of large corporations.

Although the project of building a flagpole may not be as intimidating, the engineering concepts will still apply.

First, determine the height and dimensions of your flagpole. The length of your flag should equal 25 to 40% of the height.

A commercial flagpole should be between 30 and 35 feet high. For those who just want to make some statement on the front of their home, they can go a little shorter. A residential flagpole usually hovers in the twenty-five to twenty-five foot range for a one or two-story home.

The final decision to make is the material from which your pole should be constructed. The best flagpoles offer durability and value. However, aluminum and fiberglass are the best options. Flagpoles are also possible in bronze, carbon or stainless steel. Wood, while beautiful, is also the weakest material and is mostly used for wallmounted banners. With fiberglass and bronze you can choose nearly any color. For larger flagpoles, carbon steel and stainless are reserved.